At Very Good Tree Service we pride ourselves on tree education and an interesting consideration you may not have considered are the health benefits that we receive from the presence of trees. Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako and Eugenia C. South, both physicians and scientists who conduct research on the impact of urban environments on health and safety, recently spoke about the health benefits of trees for an article published in The Washington Post on December 9, 2021.

Tiako and South explain that much dissent has taken place surrounding the Biden administration’s plan to plant more trees in communities throughout the country; they argue that this is a short-sighted perspective because trees have significant benefits for our physical, mental and social health. Something as simple as a tree canopy in an urban neighborhood can increase our quality of life, and even quality of pregnancy.

Just as trees need specific conditions and nutrients to be at their best, so too do our bodies need the reduced risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes that trees can provide, according to Tiako and South. (And, remember: we use licensed arborists to provide inspection services that asses how your trees look, smell and feel to help them be their best.) Trees can also improve mental health and reduce stress; these are important parts of our well-being, especially as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, Tiako and South point out that trees appear disproportionately less in poorer neighborhoods and should not be used as a commodity only to be placed in affluent neighborhoods. They argue that the health benefits of trees should be available for everyone. We advocate for Tree Health Care and health benefits obtained from trees for all at Very Good Tree Service.

Read the article to learn more about the specific health benefits of trees, how many trees are ideal to place in a neighborhood for health benefits, more interesting findings from Tiako and South’s research, and more! Very Good Tree Service is here to keep your trees healthy so they can help keep you healthy. It is also advantageous to keep your trees in good health because they increase in value as they age when well-maintained and, thus, have a direct impact on real estate value.