We Provide Tree Removal in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Surrounding Areas

A dead or damaged tree can become a serious hazard. The knowledgeable team at Very Good Tree Service provides emergency and non-emergency tree removal services to ensure your property remains safe.

In nature when a tree is damaged or diseased, it either slowly decays branch by branch or topples over all at once in our strong New Mexico winds. This is typically not a problem until it involves your home, vehicle, fences, power lines, animal pens, outbuildings, etc.

While trees are miraculous features (especially valued in our arid New Mexico environment), sometimes tree removal is the best option for eliminating the potential hazard of a tree failing and causing damage to your property or your loved ones.

We here at Very Good Tree Service do tree removal just like nature does - either one branch at a time or all at once. The only difference is, we use specialized techniques, tools, and established knowledge to make everything land right where WE want it to - safely and without incident!

Our Tree Removal Services

Emergency Tree Removal
Tree Climbing
Tree Felling
Tree Lift Removal

We know how gut wrenching it is to come outside after a windstorm to find your favorite tree uprooted, blocking your driveway, and precariously poised over your prized rose bushes. As anyone who works with storm damaged trees knows, once a tree has fallen or otherwise broken, it's much more dangerous and unpredictable than it was before it came down.

We have the knowledge, skill, and technology to neutralize the hazards and carefully remove the tree, minimizing any more damage to your property. If you have an emergency, please call us at (505) 819-3649 or email us and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

Our most common and preferred strategy for removal, this involves getting into the top of the tree with a rope, and cutting the branches so they fall directly beneath the tree. This makes it easy to process the branches and is much easier to clean up after. In many instances, such as tight quarters, or in manicured yards or gardens, we will slowly lower each branch to the ground so as to not disturb the ground, vegetation, or infrastructure underneath. This is a slow and deliberate process, and is often the only way to not damage or disturb property.

Often the safest and most efficient option for tree removal is what we affectionately call "basal pruning" (pruning it at the base!). This is only an option when the tree is sound, and not significantly leaning over any buildings, wires, or other such infrastructure. Occasionally an operation will require the use of ropes to ensure that the tree falls in the direction we are intending.

If a tree is decayed or damaged to the point where we have determined that it is not safe to climb, we will use a hydraulic lift. This allows us to access the tree from a stable machine safely and quickly in order remove the tree branch by branch.