People hire us because they like to see the forest AND the trees, and we help them do that in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and surrounding areas of Northern New Mexico. We are as excited to work on your trees and landscape as we are to help you learn about them. Whether you just want to know what trees are growing on your property, or you are looking to become a backyard lumberjack, we can help.

Contact us if you need an engaging walk, talk, or experiential program on trees or tree care for yourself, your family, club, company, or school. Below are several programs we are used to doing, but if you think of something specific you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll put something together.

Understanding Trees – A great introduction to how to go about getting to know the trees around you. We will cover the basics of tree identification through bark, buds, branching, leaves, and habitat, as well as how trees grow and some of their individual characteristics.

Basic Chainsaw Safety – Chainsaws are becoming a more ubiquitous tool for homeowners living around trees than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that more and more individuals with little or no training are exposed to the extreme dangers associated with using chainsaws. This program will give you critical information for working more safely around these powerful tools, and leave you with a greater appreciation of how to avoid potentially catastrophic accidents.

Chainsaw Maintenance For Homeowners – This program is an in depth and hands on journey to the heart of a chainsaw. You’ll learn essential information and techniques that will keep your saw running for years without having to bring it into the repair shop. We will cover basic troubleshooting, sharpening, maintenance, fuel, as well as the mechanics behind how the saw works.